Infant Botulism

Question By: Anonymous

There have been three reported cases of infant botulism in East Texas. What is it? How is it contracted? What are the symptoms?


Answer By: Dr. Ali Azghani, professor of biology and biomedical researcher

Infant botulism is an illness that occurs when babies ingest bacterial spores in dust and dirt. The spores in baby’s intestine germinate to active Clostridium botulinum, bacteria that produces the most potent neurotoxin known.

Botulism’s signs and symptoms include loss of appetite, drooping eyelids, difficulty swallowing or breathing and constipation.

While it is curable through the use of antitoxin and supportive medical care, it can be fatal if not addressed. One last note, infants under the age of one are at risk if fed honey product or pacifiers dipped in honey as spores can be found in honey.


Answered: 07/29/2019