Book Review Editor’s Welcome

Author: Wahlrab, A.
Published: 09/14/2018

It is with excitement and some anxiety that I write this welcome. The founding of Populism marks a time of increasing popular, policy, and academic interest in the topic of global populism—with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to the office of the US presidency as salient examples being written about by journalists and academics. Accordingly, there are numerous books being written or recently published that need to be reviewed in these pages. It is the goal of this journal to serve as a focal point for researchers, activists, and policy experts who are working through the various aspects of global populism. While the topic is focused, the books reviewed here will originate from within and across many disciplines and methodologies. The nature of populism, especially seen through the lens of globalization, means that disciplinary and methodological nationalisms should be avoided in order to better understand it. Thus, the book review section will match the transdisciplinary emphasis of the journal by publishing single book reviews of between 900–1200 words as well as multi-book reviews of up to 2000 words. Further, exchanges between book authors and reviewers will occasionally be published.

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